“What People are Saying About Joe Lalla”

“Joe, since I first joined the Home & School at Royal West Academy, I have always relished your participation in our monthly meetings.  Your reports on the ongoings at the EMSB are informative and straightforward, above politics, and true to your stance as an independent School Commissioner. You never shy away from a tough question, and, you always have the students’ education and wellbeing above all else. I want to thank you so very much for being there, and offer you my support in the upcoming elections with big hopes to keep working with you in the future.”

Douglas Meldrum, NDG resident, Co-chairperson of the RWA Home & School
*     *     *

“Thank you Joe, for being such a consistent and reliable presence at the English Montreal School Board. Even before I had the pleasure of working with you on Elizabeth Ballantyne School’s governing board, I had been impressed by how quickly and thoroughly you responded to any of my emailed inquiries. I know that your blend of wisdom, which comes from years of experience, mixed with your openness to new ideas and voices, will be an incredible asset to the EMSB. I look forward to witnessing your continued help with our schools as they strive to reach their fullest potential.”
Melissa Robertson, NDG resident, Chair of Elizabeth Ballantyne School Governing Board

*     *     *

“I have known Joe Lalla since he first became an EMSB Commissioner in 2007.

He has always manifested interest in the students and our school system. He has succeeded in supporting the best interests of our students with dignity and professionalism.

Most recently, Joe listened to the concerns of the St. Monica's community regarding the proposed bike path on Terrebonne. He advocated before the borough committee regarding the difficulties the path would create for students, parents and staff alike. He also underlined the chaos it would create for bus descent and intake both mornings and afternoons.

We are adamant in our support for Mr. Lalla in the upcoming school board elections.” 

Avice Roberts-Joseph, NDG Resident, Coordinator, St. Monica School Breakfast Program
*     *     *

“Thank you Mr. Lalla, for keeping the community informed so faithfully. You must be one of the hardest-working school commissioners around. Our children are no longer in school, but now that the English community needs our school boards more than ever, we are grateful for the work you and your colleagues do to lobby for autonomy and representation. Bon courage!”
Elizabeth Hirst, Montreal West resident

*     *     *

“Dear Mr. Lalla,
I would like to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of not only our school, but the entire English-speaking community. Your attention to what is happening both provincially and within our community, and the excellent job you do of ensuring parents are kept up to date are very welcome. On a more personal note, the invaluable advice and guidance you have offered me, as a parent relatively new to school governance and school board policy, has always been greatly appreciated.
I cannot think of anyone in a better position to represent our community as a member of the board of directors than you. Please know that you have my full support in the upcoming November elections.” 

Tanya MacDonald, NDG resident, Chair of St. Monica Elementary Governing Board
*     *     *

“Dear Joe,
It has been an honour to experience the tremendous efforts you have made and continue to make for Royal Vale School, our school district, and the entire EMSB network during my time on the RV Governing Board. I am deeply grateful for your valuable insight and respectful approach to advocating for the success and safety of our students, and have no doubt that you will continue to be an exemplary representative for our community.”

Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our children’s education and rights!

Andrea Batsis, NDG resident, Chair, Royal Vale Governing Board (2019-2020)

*     *     *

“Mr. Lalla has worked diligently and effectively to ensure that Willingdon School received everything it needed from the EMSB to serve its students in the best way possible. Various important physical upgrades were made because of his interventions at the Board. Also, he was a great help at shepherding us through the difficult process of opening up our Senior Campus. When people question the value of elected school board commissioners, I point to Mr. Lalla as a key player in the success of my daughter's school. It is not a platitude to say that I wish all the commissioners were like him.”

Eric Lamoureux, Chair, Willingdon School Governing Board, 2018-2020
*     *     *

“As the current President of the Royal West Academy Foundation, there is not another person who I know that cares not only for our school community but of his district and the entire EMSB school board. Joe Lalla has worked tirelessly for our students and families and puts in such incredible effort on all our behalf!

Our foundation would not have had the success it has had in the past many years without Joe’s incredible help and professionalism. We are very honored and privileged to work with Joe Lalla and look forward to many more years together with his guidance, representation and expertise.
All the best in the future.” 

Mitchell White, President, Royal West Academy Foundation, Cote-St. Luc resident
*     *     *

“In my 3 years (Sept. 2017 to Sept. 2020) as chair of the Edinburgh Governing Board, I had the opportunity to see Joe Lalla’s hard work first hand. He regularly attended and actively participated in our Governing Board meetings, was attentive to our concerns and was instrumental in sponsoring the Board resolution to have modular classrooms to help solve our school’s overcrowding problem.  We would benefit greatly as a community to have Joe and his experience and dedication representing us at a school board/service center board level.”
Michael Rodger, NDG resident, Chair, Edinburgh School Governing Board
*     *     *

“There is so much to be said about Joseph Lalla, the commissioner.  Always present, always available, knowledgeable and a wonderful advocate.  To me these are the reason why you are an amazing advocate for your schools.”

Anne Monereau, Chair Royal West Academy Governing Board
*     *     *

“Wow. Congratulations and many many thanks to you.!!!
It (upgrade of auditorium at Royal West Academy) would have never happened without you.
Thank u !!”

Carol Nabi, Royal West Academy parent
*     *     *

“Thanks for your tireless and continued efforts on behalf of the RWA Foundation, and great work!”
Michael Mendelson, Royal West Academy parent, Hampstead resident
*     *     *

“Your dedication and commitment to Royal West Academy is always very much appreciated!
THANK YOU for always keeping us informed and for advocating for our wonderful school!”

Fotini Markopoulos, Former Chair, Royal West Academy Governing Board
*     *     *

“Joe, congratulations on your hard work in helping find solutions for your constituents. Great job!! “It’s appreciated!”

Jonathan Filger, NDG Resident
*     *     *

"Hi Joseph, I have noticed that you are full of productive ideas and take your job as School Commissioner very seriously. Thank you for your hard work. Rest assured that I am behind you!"
Anne-Marie Scerbo, NDG Resident, Retired teacher
*     *     *

"Hi Mr. Lalla, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing efforts on behalf of the safety of the students of Royal Vale. You have brought the issue of student safety to the attention of the authorities and you have never ceased to seek needed improvements in our crossing zones."

Lionel Polger, NDG Resident, Community Representative, Governing Board of Royal Vale School

*     *     *

"I have known Joseph Lalla for many years. With three young boys in the public school system, I have called upon Joe for his advice and his assistance with respect to their welfare. Joe returns all his messages, is generous with his time, listens to concerns and produces results. He is a fantastic individual and public servant and is most deserving of the continued support of his constituency and re-election as School Commissioner for Ward 2 in 2020. I only wish there were 100 more Joe Lallas out there running for public office.

He takes his responsibilities very seriously, is very attentive to your needs and is extremely good at what he does. I wholeheartedly support Joe and encourage any of you who are constituents of Joe to cast your vote for him on November 1."

Dino Mazzone, Town of Montreal West Councillor
*     *     *

“Dear Joe, thank you for your dedication to the well-being of children, teachers, schools and education in our community.  Without you and your intervention many children, teachers, principals and parents would not have been able to solve problems that you resolve on their behalf.”
Margaret Guest, NDG Resident
*     *     *

“Hello Joe, I always appreciate receiving your newsletter which provides the most recent information regarding schools in our ward as well as what is happening at the EMSB and changes/ challenges with new curriculum. The new History Program is of great interest and you are pursuing efforts to correct the situation. Thank you for all that you do while representing your Ward.”
Adeline Hare, NDG resident
*     *     *

“Hello Joseph, I wanted to thank you for keeping me informed with your newsletters etc. concerning the EMSB. I also wanted to commend you on your actions concerning revising the history programs here in Quebec. Your spearheading of these necessary changes that would correct a blatant and unconscionable lack in the history program, is extremely important for the evolution of the Quebec education system. Your persistent actions are admirable and you have the full support of our household and everyone I have spoken to about this matter. Keep up the good fight!” 
Anne Newman, NDG resident
*     *     *

“Joseph, I can't thank you enough for sharing this information regarding the 'History Experts Committee Report". I've forwarded this AMAZING report to the QFHSA and asked them to share it with the other anglophone committees.  You have worked tirelessly on this issue. You and EMSB ROCK!!”
Rhonda Boucher, Former President, English Parents' Committee Association
*     *     *

“Hello Mr. Lalla, thank you for putting forward the motion to have a group of experts assess the concerns with the new History of Quebec and Canada Program. Your determination has produced results that will make a difference for so many students and citizens in the future. A true example of how perseverance can make a true difference.”
*     *     *

“Kudos to you Joe – what an accomplishment to have initiated the Math Enrichment Program and be able to steer it through the hoops of the EMSB. This is a big win for the students. You should be very proud of your success. It was a pleasure working with you Joe and please run again for school commissioner in the future.”
Tom Booth, former Mathematics Educational Consultant, EMSB
*     *     *

“Hi Joe, I just wanted to thank you for being a great commissioner; you are everywhere, at every event, big and small, and responsive and supportive to parents. In this crazy, bureaucratic, impersonal world, it means a lot to me, and to many others. So grateful you are there, and representing parents and students. You rock! Thanks.”
Vicky Princz, NDG resident, member of the Royal West Academy Governing Board and former member of the Edinburgh School Governing Board
*     *     *

“We are proud parents of two boys attending Royal Vale School in NDG. We first met Joe Lalla during the proposed relocation of our beloved school. He demonstrated his leadership abilities in supporting our fight to keep RVS in NDG. We learned the importance of a School Commissioner’s role in helping to establish an environment that best promotes the growth, development and education of our children. We strongly support Mr. Lalla for his re-election of School Commissioner of Ward 2. As a resident himself, Joe has a wonderful sense of the community values we hold so dear in NDG and Montreal West. Knowing Joe, we don't believe there could be a better candidate, more dedicated and honest to represent us at the school board.”

Lyne Belisle and Mark Hazan, NDG residents and Royal Vale School parents

*     *     *

"With the very generous support, advice and direction of Mr. Joseph Lalla and others, I, with a handful of other school parents, managed to raise enough media attention, parent/citizen support and protests to overturn the decision made by the EMSB to move Royal Vale School into the old Wagar High School (now the Palatucci facility) and keep our school united and in the same NDG building.  Joe, with his 35 years’ experience as a teacher and school principal, and subsequently as an EMSB commissioner, was instrumental in helping us, as a parent-run effort, get organized. He gave us sound advice, had a listening ear, returned all emails and phone calls which were at times coming at him fast and furious. Joe is also involved in many aspects and committees at the EMSB, helping to bring it efficiently into the present, after being bogged down by a lot of red-tape and indecision. This is the type of person that I want to continue to represent me at the English Montreal School Board in the future. I would urge everyone to back Mr. Lalla at the coming school elections on November 1, 2020.”
Débora Mas, Royal Vale parent and NDG resident
*     *     *

“You work so hard as a school commissioner, God bless you. I am so happy about the many improvements to our wonderful school Royal Vale. Keep up the excellent work! We will all vote for you in 2020.”
Aliya Ahmad, NDG resident and former Royal Vale parent
*     *     *

"Over the years, I have had the pleasure of benefitting from Joe's know-how on the Governing Boards of two different schools. He has brought us precious advice for how to proceed with projects, important information to inform our concerns, and tips that have allowed us to better achieve our goals. I, and I'm sure many others on the Governing Boards where I have served, are grateful to Joe for his help. We are fortunate to have him! Thank you so much for your advocacy and support.”

John Cloutier, Member of the Governing Board of St. Monica School, and former member of the Governing Board of Elizabeth Ballantyne and Coronation schools
*     *     *

“Dear commissioner Lalla,

Congratulation on your perseverance, doing meaningful work both in administration and actual education/curriculum ‘business.’ It is heart-warming to see individuals like you doing good and honest work to improve every-day-life in such an important social sector. I still marvel at the small miracles that are still happening! I hope you soldier on, and I certainly will show up at the ballot box in 2020.”
Josef Schmidt, retired McGill University professor, NDG resident
*     *     *

“Joseph Lalla is truly committed to the interests of EMSB schools and our students, and is dedicated to effectively fulfilling his duties as School Commissioner. He’s a strong voice when it comes to protecting the interests of the schools in his Ward. He cares about the perspective of parents; listening to their concerns and attending EMSB Volunteer Parent Committee meetings as an observer. Mr. Lalla is also an advocate for special-needs students, supporting their welfare at meetings of the Council of Commissioners for the role of the EMSB's Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES), and for EMSB special-education schools such as John Grant High School. I strongly endorse Joseph Lalla for re-election in 2020, and I encourage everyone to vote for him.”
Elizabeth Arnot, Former Member EMSB Advisory Committee on Special Education Services, ACSES delegate to Central Parents' Committee, Former Chair Governing Board of John Grant High School, NDG resident
*     *     *

“It has been a pleasure having Joe as a colleague. Since being elected in 2007, we have worked together on various issues, especially those concerning NDG. I have no hesitation in supporting Joe as he seeks a third term, as school commissioner for all of NDG, as well as for Montreal West. His knowledge of both communities, his experience as an educator and his ability to hear what people are saying are invaluable.”
Anne Williams, former EMSB school commissioner, NDG resident
*     *     *

“I have known Mr. Lalla for a number of years and feel very fortunate to have him as our school commissioner. He consistently works hard and delivers results to protect and advance the interests of our students and parents, our schools and our communities.

Mr. Lalla brings to the job his extensive knowledge, experience and network at the school and school board level. Most importantly, he brings deep concern for our students and an independent, open-minded and respectful approach to discussions. Mr. Lalla listens to the opinions of others, responds promptly to phone calls or e-mails, to do the required research and critical thinking, to follow up with action and to keep everyone informed. When we were working together, Mr. Lalla also provided me with much appreciated guidance and support. 
While Mr. Lalla is very reserved and understated when it comes to himself, he speaks his mind clearly and forcefully when it comes to issues that affect our students. Our school board will have many challenges ahead and I cannot think of anyone I would rather have representing us there than Mr. Lalla. I fully endorse Mr. Lalla in his run to continue as our school board commissioner in 2020.”
Julian Hung, Montreal West resident, Montreal West Children’s’ Library Board of Directors, Former Chair, Elizabeth Ballantyne School Governing Board, Former Chair EMSB Regional Parents’ Committee.
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla has distinguished himself as an outstanding representative of our community over the years.  I have worked with him in my capacity as a Hampstead Town Councillor and RWA Governing Board member.   I have always been impressed by his diligence, his commitment and his devotion to improving the day to day lives of our children. I wholeheartedly support him in his re-election campaign."

Bonnie Feigenbaum, Chief of Staff to Anthony Housefather, Member of Parliament– Mont Royal Riding, Former member, Royal West Academy Governing Board

*     *     *

“Mr. Lalla…you can be very proud of your wonderful effort, not only in terms of the monies you have raised, but also in your compassion for others…”

Betty L. Fox, Past Honorary Chairperson, The Terry Fox Foundation

*     *     *

“Hello Mr. Lalla,
My name is Tommy Ginocchi. I was a student at Laurier Macdonald High School. I was consistently bullied, I remember asking for your help and you certainly gave me the support I needed to face the situation - you had a way of getting through to students. Seeing you on the news yesterday made me want to write to you and express my gratitude and to let you know how much of an impact you had on me.

I now work for health and social services as an educator and it's thanks to all those negative experiences as well as the help and support that I received from you that motivated me to rise above and do something positive with my life, rather than let it drag me down to the point of no return. I am glad to be able to express my gratitude for helping me get through those difficult times.

You are most definitely a person who had a great impact in my life and I wish that there would be more people out there like yourself. I am glad to have had the opportunity to express this to you and give back!

Much thanks! And thank you for continuing in the field of education as a school commissioner.”

Tommy Ginocchi, former student of Joseph Lalla

*     *     *

"For over thirty years, we've had the good fortune of having Joe Lalla as a neighbour. He is gracious, efficient and always generous with his time and expertise. We also know Joe as an former administrator in the English Montreal School Board, where the same qualities were always evident. He is decent, insightful and honourable. The community will benefit greatly from his continued dedication as our School Commissioner in Ward 2."
Lynn Doyle, Warden at St. Patrick's Basilica, Former President St. Patrick's Society of Montreal, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla was an extraordinary support for our volunteer organization. When we needed information, he delivered promptly and when we sought out guidance, he dedicated the time required for our needs. In short, he is professional to work with and an invaluable resource. He is a man in a class of his own! ”
Ann MacKay, Former President of the Home & School Association of Royal West Academy, Former Co-Coordinator Montreal West Canada Day Parade, Montreal West resident

*     *     *

“Joe Lalla is an incredible asset to our volunteer board of directors at the Royal West Academy Foundation. He is always readily available to provide information, guidance and has dedicated many hours towards the Sharing the Stage with You campaign - to renovate the school's auditorium.  He is a voice of reason and has been an invaluable resource, dedicating his time and offering his professional expertise to move the project forward. We are grateful for his involvement and dedication! On November 1 re-elect Joe Lalla"
Laurie Rossitto-Abrams, Former President of the Royal West Academy Foundation
*     *     *

"GOOD WORK JOE!  We are lucky to have you representing us. I am proud to have voted for you and will do so again."

Dr. Ian Malcolm, Montreal West resident

*     *     *

“Keep up the good work Joe! Someone has to put up a fight for common sense. I’m glad you are re-running in 2020.”

Ann McLaughlin, Montreal West Resident
*     *     *

“Joseph Lalla is a distinguished community representative who has tirelessly represented the voice of his constituents.  As School Commissioner, he has brought impactful change to the communities that he serves.  Moreover, his experience as an educator has defined him as a true leader who is relevant, authentic and highly knowledgeable. I have worked with Joseph in my capacity as Chair of the Governing Board at Royal West Academy.  It is without hesitation that I endorse Joseph Lalla as School Commission for a renewed term in 2020.
I would like to thank you for all that you do for the RWA community.  You are an amazing partner and Ambassador to our school.  It has been an absolute privilege to know you and represent the RWA community as part of my Governing Board responsibilities.” 

Lori Rinaldi, Former Chair, Royal West Academy Governing Board
*     *     *

“I worked with Joe Lalla for several years on the Governing Board of Elizabeth Ballantyne School and have much appreciated his dedication and professionalism. He is a person of integrity, always respectful of the viewpoint of parents, and is fully committed to improving the situation of the community and schools he represents, as his record of accomplishments as Commissioner demonstrates. He has my unreserved support in the upcoming school board elections in November.”
Vincent Masciotra, Former Chair, Elizabeth Ballantyne School Governing Board
*     *     *

“Dear Joseph Lalla, Thank you for your informative Newsletters, for keeping parents informed, for taking your position to heart and being directly involved with staff, children and parents of the EMSB. I'm sure I was not the only pleased and gratified parent to see you at my son's recent graduation at Edinburgh. I have been and continue to be impressed with your dedication, enthusiasm and integrity.”

Jessica Lonardi, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Keep up the great work, Joseph! Fight for the cause.”
Andy Malolepszy, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Joseph,  Fantastic....well done and you showed great creativity in introducing a number of motions on the new History of Quebec and Canada program at the right time when the school board was ready to act. Again, my congratulations on bringing a shining light into this dark curriculum.”
Jon G. Bradley, Retired Associate Professor Education, McGill University
*     *     *

"Joe is the best elected friend to have. He has literally devoted his retirement, by focusing his energies as School Commissioner, to make the school environment for students and the relationship between the school and community the best possible. For the four years I've had the privilege of working with him, he has been a dedicated friend to Royal West Academy and to the surrounding community. He is the go-to liaison between school and school board - always thoughtful, fair, helpful and simply the nicest guy. Here’s a thought; let’s clone him and he can do everything!"
Erica Brown, Former Director, Royal West Academy Foundation, NDG resident
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla has dedicated his entire professional career to ensure that all students in our English schools receive a quality education. His experience as an educator and administrator was marked by a genuine concern for the intellectual development and personal well-being of students. As a school commissioner in NDG, Mr. Lalla has served on several committees which oversee school board finances and programs. His diligent and professional approach to issues brought before these committees has benefited both students and parents. He deserves to be re-elected as school board commissioner for NDG and Montreal West in 2020.”

Dennis Stimpson, Former Coordinator, St. Monica Community Food Pantry, Former Teacher, NDG Resident
*     *     *

“I have worked with Joe Lalla on the RWA Governing Board and on the Foundation's efforts to secure funding for auditorium renovations. He is a very helpful resource and collaborator. He brings practical ideas, solid links to the wider community, and a deep understanding of the environment in which schools must operate. The fact that he is liked and respected by so many people opens doors and helps get things done. It would be hard to imagine a person better suited as School Commissioner for Ward 2.”
Kirk Kelly, Former Chair, Governing Board of Royal West Academy, Former member, Board of Directors, Royal West Academy Foundation
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla has always put the community’s needs ahead of his own whether it is in the educational field or just as a concerned citizen. Joe’s contribution as a School Commissioner has brought to the community a reasonable and conscientious voice aimed at resolving real issues. Let’s re-elect Joe for another term in 2020.”

John C. Dunn, Montreal West resident, President, John C. Dunn Consulting Services

*     *     *

“…parents, students, staff and the community all benefitted greatly from Joseph Lalla’s commitment and interest in our school. He attended many school governing board meetings and was able to clarify difficult issues that were holding us back from reaching our goals. Mr. Lalla consistently and courageously represented our school’s needs at the Board level. He was able to do so as a result of the time spent at Elizabeth Ballantyne, talking with our parents and staff, and developing a ‘hands-on’ knowledge of our school’s priorities. I urge you to cast your vote for someone who has the experience and dedication to make a difference – Joseph Lalla.”
Randi Weitzner, Former Chair of the Governing Board of Elizabeth Ballantyne School, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Mr. Lalla has been an incredible asset to the work of our Foundation. He has provided valuable advice, opened doors, put us in contact with the right people, obtained much needed information and overall has “just made it happen.” The Royal West Academy Foundation is much closer to its goal of renovating our auditorium thanks to Mr. Lalla’s involvement.”
Jasmin Uhthoff, President of the Royal West Academy Foundation
*     *     *

"I can personally attest to Joe Lalla's passion for quality education. Since his election in 2007, he has contributed to the betterment of our schools and community with integrity and enthusiasm. He does so with intelligence, a strong work ethic, plus a deep knowledge of the issues and a wealth of hands-on experience. A valued member of the West End community, Joe has proven himself to be the man who follows through with every task. I support his bid for re-election as School Commissioner as he is a strong, positive advocate for our children, schools and the community at large."
Prof. Mahesh C. Sharma, Community Representative on the Governing Board of Royal West Academy, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Past President of the Montreal Westward Rotary Club, NDG resident
*     *     *

“During my time as mayor of Montreal West, I found Joe to be an effective liaison between the Town and School Board, facilitating the resolution of issues quickly. What sets him apart is his spirit of cooperation. Joe is always ready to lend a hand- always putting the best interest of students and families first. The Town of Montreal West is lucky to have such a dedicated School Commissioner and community advocate."
Campbell Stuart, Former Mayor of Montreal West
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla has been of great service to our school and to our community. He is dedicated to the success of our school and students. Mr. Lalla attends many Governing Board meetings throughout the year, and when present, is always happy to provide guidance and insight on the issues discussed. He has proven himself to be a devoted advocate of Royal West Academy, demonstrating through his actions that we are important to him. I am very pleased that he will be seeking re-election as a School Commissioner in Ward 2. He deserves all of our support.”
Joel Raskin, Former Chair of the Governing Board of Royal West Academy, NDG Resident
*     *     *

"Joe, we are very appreciative of all the work you have done for our community over the years as a School Commissioner. Your tireless and objective efforts towards constantly improving the educational system, your intense commitment to a transparent function of the School Board and your unequivocal dedication and hard work to the needs of our neighbourhood are only few of the numerous facets of your contribution to all of us. We are very fortunate that you want to carry on with your superb work and we fully and without any hesitation wholeheartedly support your bid for School Commissioner of Ward 2. We are lucky to have you around."
Julia Souhami and Dr. Luis Souhami, Montreal West residents
*     *     *

"I strongly endorse Mr. Lalla in his bid for re-election as School Commissioner of Ward 2. He has demonstrated a sincere commitment to the educational community of Montreal by giving freely of his time and expertise to support educational initiatives. Ward 2 will be well served by such a dedicated professional."
Trudi Yorgan, NDG resident
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla’s passion, determination and integrity are infectious. His transparency, great communication skills and generosity make him an incredible asset for the English Montreal School Board. In my current role I have the opportunity to work side by side with great leaders, and I know Joe is one of them.”
Anne-Marie Laberge, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Congratulations to you Joseph Lalla - I have witnessed your devotion to making the schools in our community a better place for children to learn, grow and thrive. Working to help provide a quality education and the best environment needed for them to reach their potential.”

Paula Pedicelli, former resident of Montreal West

*     *     *

"Ever since I met you, you always have a smile, always happy and mention the work you do for the school board in a very humble way. My impression is you get things done quietly, but you get things done. Please keep up the good work."
Sylvia Gervais, Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“Thank you Joe Lalla for the hard work you are doing to ensure that our kids get a fair and proper education!!”
Kenneth Elman, Member, Royal West Academy Foundation
*     *     *

"I have known Joseph Lalla for many years now; he is always ready to lend a helping hand and give sound advice. He's a plus to all of us, and the perfect School Commissioner for our West End community."

Rina Loizzi, Former Director, Ecole Bilingue de Montréal Ouest
*     *     *

"Joe Lalla is one of those rare individuals whose every action is fuelled by compassion. I have experienced his generosity of spirit, time, and intellect, and his true desire to help solve any problem big or small."
Sarah Hickson, former Montreal West resident
*     *     *

“We have appreciated the openness and transparency that you have brought to this position. You have responded quickly and effectively to our and our neighbours’, requests. As a result of your efforts combined with your hard work and mediation skills, the relationship between Royal West Academy and our community has turned around.”
Dr. S. Martin Vines and Elenie Zizos-Vines, former Montreal West residents
*     *     *

“Mr. Lalla, it's great having you as School Commissioner - you have the schools’ and kids’ best interests at heart. EMSB Parents are blessed to have a Commissioner like you. So thank you on behalf of all of them…and please run again in 2018!”
Linda Perez, Former Chair of the Central Parents Committee of the English Montreal School Board
*     *     *

"Mr. Lalla, I would like to THANK YOU for being a great help in many issues that involve our kids' education and the future of our School Board. We parents appreciate your hard work, presence, hands-on approach, passion and dedication to the many details that matter to the quality of our schools’ day-to-day operations. I have no doubt that once re-elected as a School Commissioner, you will continue to be an asset and tremendous contributor to the betterment of EMSB education. It gives me great satisfaction to know that you are again running for School Commissioner - and I urge everyone to vote for you.”
Allan Daly, Former Chair of the Governing Board of Elizabeth Ballantyne School, Former President of the EMSB Regional Parents Committee and former member of the Central Parents Committee of the English Montreal School Board

*     *     *

"Having worked with Joe Lalla for years as a fellow School Commissioner at the EMSB, I can attest first-hand to his dedication and his ability to quickly, calmly, and rationally get to the heart of any matter. When Joe commits to completing a task, you can be rest assured it will get done. Whether as a Commissioner, as a participant at Council meetings, or as a member of the various committees, he has an enormous capacity for work. He’s a leader with fresh ideas - and has the integrity and ability to affect positive change. I am pleased to support Joe in his re-election bid for School Commissioner.”

Joseph Petraglia, Former EMSB School Commissioner
*     *     *

“Joe Lalla is both professional and personable. We got to know him during our fight to “Save Royal Vale.” He supported us and helped to keep Royal Vale as a K-11 school at its present location in NDG. His heart and involvement is always in the right place. If he says he will get a job done, he does and in a very timely manner. We think Joe will play an integral role as School Commissioner of Ward 2.”
Joanne Adler and Jonathan Filger, NDG residents, former Royal Vale parents, Royal West Academy parents
*     *     *

"Joe Lalla - Eva and I want you to know that we are truly appreciative of how you have kept us informed of current issues in the community over the years. We support your initiative to introduce transparency into School Board functions and wholeheartedly support your re-election campaign to serve another term. You are the only School Commissioner we know of who has ever reached out to inform the public."
Tim Goforth and Eva Lemanczyk, Montreal West residents
*     *     *

“…Mr. Lalla never gives you the impression that he’s too busy for you, or to listen to a neighbour’s comment or an opinion on a recent decision. He handles people’s issues with care and concern despite his own opinions on any matter. Mr. Lalla is always able to weigh and research all sides to an issue. He is a man that does what he says and if he can help, then he does so gladly and to the best of his abilities. More importantly, no matter the outcome, Mr. Lalla always follows up with a response to a request and delivers news with the utmost of care to all parties concerned. He has qualities that everyone can appreciate and so few people are consistent with: Honesty, integrity, dedication and being present in the moment. Mr. Lalla is a man that does his utmost to make sure we have schools that can continue to house our children, and our futures. I am pleased to endorse Mr. Lalla for another term as our Commissioner. I know that our voices will be represented well, our children will only benefit from his dedication, and he will continue to work hard to strive for our continued joint success at the EMSB.”
Sharon McCarry, Founder of La Fondation Place Coco/ The Little Red Playhouse, Montreal West resident
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“Joseph Lalla's resume speaks for itself. A past educator and principal for both elementary and high school, Joe is now school commissioner for Ward 2. His commitment and devotion to education has kept him abreast of the ever changing issues and policies that make education what it is today in the Province of Quebec. Joe has proven over time that he has not lost sight of the students, parents and teachers. In the past I have worked with Joe on different projects and have witnessed first-hand the knowledge and wisdom that he brings to the table. This has earned him the confidence and respect of his constituents and peers, and has given him the opportunity to serve on various committees over the years, some of which he continues to Chair. I strongly urge everyone to vote Joseph Lalla, as he has my continued support and vote. Joe will continue to bring stability and true progress in the years to come.”

Rodney Fishbien, Former Chair of the Governing Board of Royal Vale School, Former member of the Governing Board of Elizabeth Ballantyne School

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“Joe, I am glad you are re-running as school commissioner for the English Montreal School Board. I have no doubt the EMSB and your community will benefit from your experience and knowledge. We need people such as yourself to enhance the education of tomorrow’s future leaders.”

Nancy Kosik, Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette

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"Joe, thank you very much for moving mountains and getting the Town of Montreal West access to Elizabeth Ballantyne School for our summer camp. The Recreation Department breathed a big sigh of relief upon receiving this good news! We are lucky to have you as our School Commissioner."

Patrick Mann, Former Director of Public Security & Special Projects, Town of Montreal West
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